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There are four options to enter data that will be sent with your request:. Use this response to send image files. If you are having issues with GIF rendering, please try to reduce the file size. You can also directly use Facebook Posts with media instead of uploading it manually:. Use this response to send video files. Messenger supports MP4 videos, which are up to 25MB in size. Use this response to send audio files. Use this response to send any other files, which are no larger than 25 MB.

Use this response to send a horizontal scrollable gallery. Each item is composed of an image attachment, short description and buttons to request input from the user. Use this response to send an order confirmation. It may include an order summary, payment details, and shipping information.

Use this JSON to add buttons to your responses. You can set buttons to link to a block in the dashboard, open a website, or send another request to your backend. Buttons are limited to 3 items per message. You can also use the Call button, this button dials a phone number when tapped. Use this JSON to add quick replies to your responses.

Quick replies are limited to 11 items per message. Use this JSON to set user attributes for a user depending on the button they tap. You can also set user attributes without having the user to tap any button.

You can redirect a user to a block or to a sequence of blocks — no user action is needed. Do keep in mind that for other functionalities or compiling functions to work altogether is out of Chatfuel's scope of support and we suggest to get help from an expert. All Collections. Written by Edgar Updated over a week ago. Did this answer your question?The brands that survive the coronavirus pandemic will do so by the power of conversations.

Here's how to sensitively and effectively use a Messenger bot in times of crisis. Any medical practice or health-related brand can benefit from a Facebook Messenger bot.

chatfuel examples

The best way to reengage inactive bot subscribers—to reactivate these valuable leads effectively and affordably? Read on for a conversation on the importance of gender diversity in the industry, including how it will impact the future of digital marketing as a whole.

A Chatfuel chatbot site integration combines the best of traditional live website chat with all the features of a Messenger chatbot. A window will appear on your website offering help and answers to common questions in a conversational style.

From fast-food spots to fine-dining locations, any business that serves food can get great rewards from a chatbot. Facebook is making changes to their Messenger policies as of March 4, Learn what exactly is changing, and how to adapt quickly. Ecommerce marketing campaigns in spring have to follow these three rules to be effective: Grab attention, add value, and build trust.

If your sales are a little anemic, or your engagement levels are under the weather, we can help. To create an effective marketing strategy for and beyond, you've got to fully understand the current landscape. Here's a look at what's changed in the last decade, and how you can use that knowledge to inform your future strategy. Attract customers with creative campaigns and help them find the perfect gift at your store! Discover how this photo-booth entrepreneur used a Messenger chatbot to bring in revenue on autopilot.

As the new year unfolds, seize the opportunity to make a few store improvements and get a jump on sales—all while your competition is still hibernating.

Templates are a great way to get inspiration and guidance to build a bot for your business. Chatfuel offers a library of bot templates for you to take advantage of, mostly designed by users for users. Any bot builder needs to be aware of the key rules and policies that govern Messenger. Read on for an introduction to Facebook's guidelines. The brand built a Chatfuel bot to reduce time spent responding to customer inquiries—and ended up with a dramatic increase in sales, too.

Check out our top tips on how you can create a memorable customer experience, increase loyalty, and maximize conversions during the holidays and well into the new year! Acquire more subscribers sending warm leads to your Messenger chatbot from Facebook post comments in just a few simple steps. Want to dramatically improve the effectiveness of the abandoned-cart reminders for your ecommerce store?

Rethink where you send them.What can a healthcare chatbot do? Basically, bots facilitate a better healthcare experience overall. Any medical practice or health-related brand can benefit from a Facebook Messenger bot. That includes everything from clinics to insurance companies to online stores that sell vitamins.

A Messenger chatbot can converse with users in a back-and-forth style via Facebook Messenger. Here are a few examples of how different businesses in the healthcare field could utilize Messenger chatbots:. It could offer tips and advice between therapy sessions. Or, it could help patients track their moods or feelings so they can discuss them with their therapist at the next appointment. It can then direct those users to their website to buy, increasing conversions. It could also answer questions about claims and coverage.

Finally, it could help the best matches schedule a consultation. All of these use cases would have two benefits. That means they can focus on caring for patients or clients who are at the physical location instead. It lets them get information, buy products, or even schedule appointments with providers in a few taps, whenever is convenient for them.

Any type of business can benefit from a chatbot. In a friendly, humanlike way. Getting health information this way—conversationally, piece by piece—is generally rather calming.

It can seem less intimidating than reading huge blocks of text on a website. The doctor could recommend they chat with the bot during the off weeks to help keep them on track or monitor their moods.

In a personalized way. That means it can personalize the conversation with things like their name, languageand time zone. Plus, bots can gather information by asking questions, and store this data for future use as attributes. It knows that particular product will be relevant to that user. The fastest way to get your bot set up is to use one of our chatbot templates. There are around to choose from, and most are free.

Just select one, click Use Template, customize the content, and launch your bot. For health-related businesses, there are several templates to choose from both free and paidincluding:.

Whether you use a template or build your bot from scratch, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make it maximally effective.

chatfuel examples

Want to see a Messenger chatbot for a healthcare business in action? Check out these examples. Adam Winterfunctional neurologist for pain management and learning difficulties. Evahealthcare-data research project, Bots4Health. Chemist4 Upharmacy. Therapies With Kim Louisemedical spa. Trijogclinic for mental health and counseling.The quicker you can set up your bot, the sooner your business can start reaping the benefits! There are three main ways to build a bot in Chatfuel. Think of it like your options for having pizza for dinner.

You can decide to do it from scratch, use some pre-made elements but still make it yourself, or choose the option where most of the heavy lifting is already done for you. From scratch. Customize every aspect of the bot experience for your unique brand or use case. From scratch, but with help. From a template. To access the library of bot templates, just look to the headings at the top of your Chatfuel dashboard. You can view all templates at once, or sort them according to different categories.

You can even mix and match your favorite elements of different templates. For example, if your business is a sports team, you could use some features of the Gym template to help you get started.

Then, you could take inspiration from the Events and Conferences template to promote games or matches via your bot. Found a template that looks promising for your use case? You have the option to preview it first. Just click the template and hit Preview in Messenger. If you like what you see, go back to the dashboard and click Use Template. From there, you can open and edit it to fit your unique business. Helping you build a lead score feature to nurture your subscribers and identify your warm leads.

Generate buyer leads, qualify them and show them matching properties. Ideal for realtors dealing in homes, users can also request callbacks and schedule visits. Get a chatbot for your ecommerce brand set up fast, so you can start bringing in more sales now!Restaurant owners and managers: What are your main business objectives?

chatfuel examples

Or, for agencies, what are the key goals of your restaurant clients? If they include any of the following:. Bots can help you do all of the above on autopilot.

They provide a personalized, one-on-one chat experience for past and potential patrons at scale. As a result, increase customer loyalty and revenue can increase.

These are: templates and Synced Cloning. The quickest, easiest way to get your restaurant bot up and running is to use one of our plug-and-play templates. A template provides the framework for your chatbot. Head to your Chatfuel dashboard to check out all the templates we offer. This Chatfuel Premium feature is a game-changer for restaurants with multiple locations. Synced Cloning allows you to connect the bots for each branch together. That way, when you make changes in one, they'll reflect across the rest.

There's no need to update the chatbots for each of your restaurant locations manually. Instead, you can make the change in one bot and sync to all the others that are linked to it. Of course, all restaurant owners and managers aim to maintain a healthy revenue stream, and a Messenger bot can help with this.

There are plenty of ways to bring new users to your bot, so you can then engage them with promotions and offers and encourage them to visit your location. Plus, a bot can also help you gather lead information for those interested in other services you may offer, like events and catering. A coupon or offer is a great way to get new patrons for your restaurant—but how do you reach new people to distribute it? One great option is our Acquire Users from Comments feature.

Set it to apply to a specific Facebook post on your page. Then, anyone who comments orthose whose comment includes a keyword—your choice will receive a message from your bot with the offer.There's an Instagram video going around of a quarantined guy having enthusiastic albeit one-way conversations with each of the plants in his house. Morning coffee in hand, he jabbers away with an indoor palm, then laughs companionably at a shared joke with a potted succulent.

Quarantining and social distancing have reminded us that conversation is a fundamental human need. The stats confirm that people are seeking conversations however they can while physically apart.

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Messenger Chatbot

Voice and video calling have more than doubled on Messenger and WhatsApp in the last few weeks, too. The brands that survive the coronavirus pandemic will do so by the power of conversations. Authentic conversations with these people are your opportunity to show leadership and humanity. But how can your brand possibly hold meaningful conversations with your entire audience? How could you ever find enough time to have impactful interactions with each person? This is where a Messenger bot comes in.

Allow us to answer the first question that has bubbled up in your mind. How can an automated bot help me have meaningful conversations with my audience? You decide exactly what you want it to say, and the exact manner in which you want it said. You can then send it out to start personalized conversations and share your message with users on your behalf.

Why is this an ideal system? Here are three reasons: 1. Would you rather read blocks of text quietly to yourself? Or would you rather have your most animated friend read it first, then sit down and chat with you to convey the information?

Most of us and most consumers would choose option two. A good conversation can make any topic more engaging, personal, and approachable. You save time. But with a chatbot, you can set the stage for these conversations once, then have the bot do the actual legwork. Messenger bots are constantly available, which translates to two key benefits.

How to Use Chatfuel's Bot Templates

The first is that they can engage in thousands of conversations at once if needed, without your help. The meaningful ones are, anyway. A Messenger bot can personalize the conversation in a few different ways. Or, it can incorporate data from past conversations using attributes Welcome back Eric! Need another recommendation? This kind of personalization keeps users engaged and shows that you acknowledge their individuality.

No one does; everyone on the planet is weathering this uncertain storm together. Think of it as the humans of your company communicating with other humans in the world. Be honest about how your brand is handling the crisis, and how your audience will be affected closures, delays, low stock, long waits, etc.What would you say if we told you that, in a single afternoon, you could easily set up a new, powerful tool for your business that could increase sales, cut costs, and vastly improve the customer experience?

Why not get started for free today?

Using Messenger Bots to Cultivate Meaningful Conversations in Times of Crisis

No coding, no credit cards, and no registration is required to begin. Build your bot now! If you already have lots of prospects and customers messaging your Facebook business page, it would be a waste to not gather their data for future outreach. That way, you'll begin building a list of contacts interested in your brand, and you'll be able to message them in the future.

Provide instant responses.

chatfuel examples

You can easily equip your Messenger bot to provide users with appropriate replies to common questions. First, automating FAQs will improve the user experience by giving them the information they need instantly. Finally, it will turn your inbox into an automated sales funnel, allowing you to close more deals.

A bot will instantly give them the information they need, meaning it will be effortlessly closing sales for you day and night. Improve your return on ad spend.

Metrics like cost per click and cost per conversion tend to drop dramatically when businesses switch their Facebook ad destination from a website to Messenger. Rather than directing them to a landing page, these ads keep the user within the Facebook ecosystem by directing them to Messenger instead.

Convert page commenters into bot subscribers. With a Chatfuel bot, however, you can set up this feature to convert these users into subscribers in minutes. One Chatfuel client used this feature to generate over 4, qualified leads from a giveaway post, turning a huge number of their commenters into chatbot subscribers. Capture leads with one click. The traditional method of capturing lead information involves bulky web forms that take time and effort for users to manually fill out.

How Restaurants Can Boost Business Using Chatbots

With a chatbot, this process now takes no more than a click. From there, you can use Chatfuel features like the one-click email plugin and the user phone plugin to populate this contact information with the click of a button.

This frictionless method for gathering user data is a simple yet powerful way to increase your lead generation efforts. Achieve higher open and click-through rates than email. Just imagine what 4xing your open rates or 10xing your CTRs could do for your business! When you have your bot send messages to subscribers, formerly known as Broadcasts and now known as Reengage messagesthese are the kinds of results you can expect. Because Messenger is an intimate space where people are talking with their family and friends.

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