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Hey there! Take a look around and grab the RSS feed to stay updated. See you around! Everyone is all those who have good computer skills able to work a bit with the DOS, for examplea good digital camera, a good software to process these photos, a good time, a lot of good time for experts, hundreds of hours to the maps of Cuba, for the fans, thousands … Have some artistic sense is a must.

And be an example of patience and tenacity does not harm either. So I started to make rasters. I have nothing against water guides.

Details of extension .kap

They are absolutly necessary, but in the era of navigation assisted by the computer or card reader, digital maps have an advantage. They can, with a record level of 12 megapixels, zoom in enough to approaches passes and anchorages. If they do not zoom in as much because of its low level of registration megapixel imposed by Google Earththey improve against the cards in black and white colors that reveal the best sand banks and areas depth. They correct in some cases, the designs sometimes primary authors.

They help in other cases to specify the Geolocation of local dangers. They are compatible with programs such as SeaClear, OziExplorer or other. These charts are identical to files KAP, black and white. Finally, I added others personnal charts not included in the guide, but I think useful.

I gave each file a number that corresponds to the page of the guides, which drew up the map so you can easily access local information in the paper guide.

I bought the guide Nautical Nigel Calder Cuba, the island with kilometers of coastline. I find it indispensable for anyone wishing to cross the Gulf Stream without too much inconvenience. Also useful to understand the Cubans struggling with a U.

Finally, useful for navigating in an area characterized by prevailing winds from east to west and many cold fronts from November to February. So I made my rasters from paper nautical guide Nigel Calder Cuba, the island with 6, miles of coastline, French edition, a translation of Cuba: A Cruising Guide. Yucatan Belize GuatemalaGU. These charts do not need less water guide Captain Freya Rauscher whose sound information many waypoints on the barrier reef of Belize allows us to fully enjoy the navigation safe from easterly winds.

I have known sailors who crossed the Belize without seeing almost nothing beautiful islands, beaches and dive sites of the barrier, simply because they had the usual cards, too general, to navigate.

The book of Mrs. Kausher is essential to enjoy it. It is especially important for those who rely on Google to make rasters as satellite imagery of this country is often deficient Divers and fishing enthusiasts will be delighted with the accuracy of his remarks. It gives full value to the funds in favor of scuba diving or snorkeling and fishing. Travelers wishing to visit the Mayan sites are catered too.

These charts complete guide Nautical Stephen J. The paper guide, bound by his stubby, allows ergonomic use cruise.

Kansai Paint Co. Ltd.

As for Belize, although satellite imagery is more favorable in the countries visited by Pavlidis, normal maps do not reveal the many anchorages that this guide to discover.Chart accuracy and chart detail are often problems when cruising off the beaten track. It can be difficult to find accurate charts, especially in remoter areas.

These are not quite charts because they have no depths, lights, or other aids to navigation, but the land and shoals they show are very accurately positioned, and a practiced eye can identify reefs and can often find anchorages.

We start off with some background information, and the actual procedures start after that in the GE2KAP section. Google Earth abbreviated GE in this article : Google Earth is Google's program that displays the earth's surface, mostly from satellite imagery.

It's an amazing system, and Google offers it to the public for free! It seems to be more accurate than most WAAS compliant recreational GPSs and virtually all charts and is certainly accurate enough for marine navigation.

But this method can't easily be shared with other cruisers, and Google frequently updates its database, invalidating all cached info which can be extremely frustrating, as collecting the data can take hours. It looks long, but that's because it's written so anybody should be able to do it. If anyone has any problems understanding anything on this or any of our pages, you're probably not alone -- please contact us so we can improve our pages.

Google Earth Inaccuracies: Google isn't perfect. One issue we've noticed is that some remote islands are only partially displayed, and some are not displayed at all. Google seems to have started by covering the earth in a purple fog and then poking holes through that fog where they think land exists. Then they buy satellite images and put them in those holes.

But the locations of those holes in the fog seem to have originated from navigational charts, some of which have significant errors over a mile. Somewhat surprisingly, Google is slow to fix these errors and reposition these holes in their fog, even when they've got the evidence of satellite imagery to show where islands actually lie.

We've seen several instances where half an island is poking out of the side of a hole in the fog while the rest of the island is obscured and a few cases where the hole misses an island completely. So be warned that sometimes islands and reefs exist that are not displayed on GE.

Luckily, there are not many of these, and they're mainly in rather obscure locations like eastern Indonesia, where this article is being written. Google is obviously interested in land, but apparently they're less interested in reefs. They show most reefs which is extremely useful for marine navigation but some are obscured by the fog, and sometimes the sun's reflections on the water prevent seeing into the water. Where GE shows a hole in their fog, what's displayed is accurate, but just because GE shows fog does not mean there's nothing there but water.

Obviously, a prudent mariner will not depend solely on any one tool, but will use all the tools available. We've noticed that some island groups, like the Admiralty Islands north of Papua New Guinea, have jagged black lines running through them. These appear to be satellite images that were put into the GE system, but were later determined to be incorrect for some reason.

Chart Sources

Rather than removing the images, Google simply defaced them. We have not been to those areas, so we can't comment on GE accuracy there, but the images aren't very useful after they've been defaced. Finally, the resolution available in GE is highly variable.

Some of the blurred images appear to be around military installations, and are presumably blurred at the request of that country, while others seem to be forested areas with very low populations, and presumably low interest.Today, Hydrographical Offices all over the world are producing their official vector charts in S format.

Nevertheless we shall not forget raster charts as alternative and sometimes the only reliable or available format for some interesting sailing regions. We know very well that there are quite some users of OpenCPN who prefer raster over vector and want to give an answer to those requests. Licensed raster charts in the oeRNC format are enabling the access to the raster portfolio.

If your navigation zone is available this can be a very good choice to get up-to-date quality charts at a reasonable cost.

Even if the content might be the same. For details about the legal framework and usage of our charts refer to the EULA. Same as in the case of oeSENC vector charts, these cannot be considered "Official Charts" in any case even if they look identical to their "Official" twins. S charts are official vector charts with worldwide coverage. However, many popular cruising areas are very poorly covered as the main focus are the requirements of commercial shipping. They have a relatively high price as well.

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kap charts

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kap charts

Quick Ratio, FQ —. Total Assets, FQ —. Total Debt, FQ —. Operating Metrics. Return on Assets, TTM —. Return on Equity, TTM —. Revenue per Employee, TTM —. Price History. Average Volume 10 day —. Beta - 1 Year —. Price - 52 Week High —. Price - 52 Week Low —.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. This repository is a Github clone of the original code created by M'dJ in and maintained by Pavel Kalian.

kap charts

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This charts are usable offline with several ship-plotters and Navigation-equipement on board. Open Nautical Charts Web Site. Thank you!!! If I get a chance, I would also like to participate. Charts don't show information coordinates of corners, projection, scale, depth information etc. Please provide the ad click URL, if possible:. Help Create Join Login.

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kap charts

RNC Listing. End of Traditional Paper Charts - In NovemberNOAA initiated a five-year process to end all raster nautical chart production, including the five traditional paper chart products described on this webpage and within the expandable blue bars below.

Although production of traditional paper charts will stop, a new form of paper nautical chart will be available through the NOAA Custom Chart capability currently in prototype form.

This system will enable users to create, customize, and print paper charts themselves, or have large format charts printed and delivered by a NOAA certified print-on-demand POD chart agent. We encourage those who want to continue using paper charts to become familiar with the NOAA Custom Chart prototype and let us know how to improve the system. The U. Government no longer prints paper copies of its raster nautical charts.

Certified chart agents ensure that the charts are printed at the proper scale and quality to meet U. No other raster chart format meets USCG carriage requirements. Some NOAA certified chart agents offer additional premium services, such as printing charts on waterproof materials, and printing user overlays on charts.

To purchase a paper nautical chart, contact a NOAA certified chart agent. Booklet charts are reduced scale copies of NOAA paper nautical charts divided into a set of a dozen 8. The image at left shows the index of the 12 chart pages of booklet chart of Cape Cod Bay. The extent of each page extends past the boundaries shown in the index, so that the coverage of each page overlaps a bit with adjacent pages.

These pages can be printed at home double-sided or affixed back-to-back and assembled into a booklet. Other pages in the booklet include excerpts from the U. Emergency information for the charted area is printed on the back cover.

Since complete ENC coverage is available in all U. The tile service provides geo-referenced, nautical chart tile sets for the public that comply with several web map and map tile standards. Tiles are also being used on third party nautical data integration websites. The chart catalog webpage enables you to download the catalogs, as well as to view and download individual raster chart products.

Purchase a Paper Chart.

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